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You can focus!

Life is busy – we know that.

There are always things that you needed to do yesterday. There are always a gazillion more things to do for tomorrow.  Life’s like that!

But you still have to accomplish your goals, deliver as per business requirements and take the next steps. It’s that critical balance that we all need to find in our respective work-places.

We thought that we could do our bit to help – as long as it comes to your Hadoop needs!

The ClustersTogo service was designed to help you get going with your Hadoop requirements with minimum efforts from your ends. We make it simple for you so that you can focus on what you really wanted to get out of Hadoop.

We provision Hadoop clusters for you as per your requirements, ensure that they are fully tested and functional before we deliver them to you, load data onto the Hadoop clusters as per your requests and provide exceptional support.

We keep it all very simple and easy for you, with simple per hour pricing.
You can focus on your Hadoop needs, we take care of the rest!

You are covered!

Support - You are coveredNo one likes roadblocks, especially when you are on a roll. You  just want to do what you set out to do – the fastest & easiest way to your goals.

And we understand! We all need that extra help, that gentle nudge in the right direction, someone to hold our backs.

That’s why we have backed up the ClustersTogo service with world class support.
We will ensure that you can effectively work on your Hadoop clusters provisioned by us. Having a problem uploading your data? We are there to help out.

Got a Hadoop or Big Data related question? MapReduce, not reducing for you? Got a query about  Hive queries?
We can help with you on that too! We can do this as we consult on Big Data technologies to big corporations and starts-ups alike. We also teach Big Data classes. We are used to answering such questions for our enterprise customers & students. And we can help you too.

Roll on, we got you covered!

You can be assured!

Security is a big deal, we all realize that.

We have worked hard to ensure that you can be assured of the security of our operations & your data on the clusters provisioned by ClustersTogo.

We start off with the ClustersTogo site being on HTTPS which ensures that transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. The site is secured & verified by Our clusters are provisioned from Amazon EC2 which has become the de-facto gold standard for everything cloud, and also for its security measures.

While we don’t recommend you perform your top-secret projects on the our clusters, but from a security stand-point, you can be assured  for everything else.

Keep going, you can be assured of our security measures.

You are not alone!

While we are headquartered in the Bay Area in California and are very proud of our local traditions, customs and beer binges, we are very much connected with the rest of the world.

ClustersTogo is tightly integrated with Facebook so that you can login using your Facebook credentials, share with your friends about your Hadoop adventures and even win points (coming soon) for inviting your friends to use the ClustersTogo service.

While you remain connected with your Facebook friends, our world-class support staff is also right here to support you for all your Hadoop & Big Data needs.

Forge ahead, you are not alone!

You got a great deal!

We all love deals – there is something very fulfilling and assuring when we know that we have got a great deal!

Being “deal hunters to the core” ourselves, we want to make sure that even you feel the same way when you use our services.

We want you to keep coming back to us, over and over again and establish a long lasting relationship with us. We believe that our high quality service, excellent support and low pricing will make you keep coming back to us.

Thus we have kept our pricing as low as it can get which covers our costs and has a margin that enables us to survive. We believe we will do just fine over time!

Go ahead, try us out; You have got a great deal!